Advantages of Individual Paid Subscription/ Registrations.

Will get access to most of the features of Will also give you lot of access to many upcoming features of the portal.

This is good for individuals who are very active in Social Media, who want to be active & communicate with like minded people.

Participate in public activities. Self promote them self & their talents.. Good for artists, musicians, individuals etc.,


1. You can view the website & it's activities without registration.

2. With Free registered verified account you can do few activities of your own.

3. With Individual Paid Subscription/ Registration you have access to lot more features & can do more activities.

Activities you can perform as Individual Paid Subscription/ Registrations.

1. Send Messages - 30 per day
2. Add Photos - 30 per day - Max 100
3. Add Videos - 10 per day - Max 20 (only Youtube links)
4. Create Groups - 5 Group per day - Maximum 5
5. Create Events - 5 Event per day - Maximum 5
6. Friend Requests - 20 per day
7. Create Polls - 5 Per day
8. Can Upload Videos directly - 10 per day
9. Access to post Messages,photos & Video on Events, Groups.
10. Approval of Account Subject to Payment, monthly or yearly.
11. You can add files like ppt, word, pdf etcs - 5 per day.


Disclaimer. More Features can be added or removed. Please keep visiting this page for updates.