Following are the Advantages of Free Subscription.

Free Registrations will you give access to most of the features of but will limit your activity on the website. This way you are able to explore the features & if you feel that these features you are looking for, then you will upgrade to one of the paid subscription/ Account.


1. You can view the website & it's activities without registration. 

2. With Free registered verified account you can do few activities of your own.


Activities you can perform as Free Registration

1. Send Messages - 10 per day
2. Add Photos - 10 per day - Max 100
3. Add Videos - 5 per day - Max 20 (only Youtube links)
4. Create Groups - 1 Group per day - Maximum 5
5. Create Events - 1 Event per day - Maximum 5
6. Friend Requests - 5 per day
7. NO access to create Polls
8. No Access to Add videos directly.
9. Limited access to post Messages,photos & Video on Events, Groups.
10. Approval of Account Subject to verification.


Disclaimer. More Features can be added or removed. Please keep visiting this page for updates