2 Countries (2017) Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1.5/5

2 Countries (2017) Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1.5/5

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Bottom Line: Overall, A pathetic remake of a decent entertainer, ruined by Sunil and poor screenplay
Director N.Shankar, who's known for several commercially successful films like Jayam Manadera and Raam, and last directed the political entertainer Jai Bolo Telangana with Jagapathi Babu, has returned after 6 years to direct a remake, with fading comedian turned hero Sunil, with 2 countries released today. Has the unconventional combo achieved success this time?  Here's team AP Herald's exclusive 2 Countries FDFS review.

The film begins with Sunil's character established as a cheat who schemes and plans with the only motive of earning easy money. He decides to marry a handicapped girl for earning some quick bucks but finally ends up marrying an NRI Manisha Raj, aiming at her money. However, he realizes only later that Manisha is an alcoholic,  and Manisha also gets to know Sunil's plan to marry her for her money, and this leads to a divorce case. As Sunil takes care of Manisha during her rehabilitation process and later decides to marry the handicapped girl, whether the couple united or not is what the boringly made 2 countries is all about.
Sunil, who was seen sporting a lean, fit look, has gained loads of weight and now looks more like how he was during his comedy days. He fails to impress as a hero, and neither does his comedy work. Though the two heroines Manisha Raj and Sanjana Galrani look glamorous and Ooze oomph, they are a complete letdown with poor expressions. The rest of the huge cast including Sithara, Sayaji Shinde, and Dev Gill doesn't have much to do with this weakly written screenplay. Also, when you compare the movie with the original, this is too shallow.
Music by Gopi Sundar is forgettable, as he has delivered one of the most disappointing albums of his career. Ram Prasad's Cinematography perfectly captures exotic locales and that's the only highlight of this absolutely predictable and boring flick.  Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao's editing could have been better as the songs are placed annoyingly, and the screenplay drags big time. After making a social message drama like Jai Bolo Telangana, director N.Shankar has opted to go for a remake of a Malayalam blockbuster comedy movie, but has flunked bigtime, with a boring and predictable screenplay.


The movie lacks the most important aspect of a comedy movie - it doesn't have proper humor and the dialogues are poorly written that none of the punchlines mouthed by Sunil evoke genuine laughs. Sreedhar has totally letdown Shankar with uninspiring dialogues, and Sunil also totally looks out of place as he pathetically tries to look emotional in serious sequences only to look awkward on screen. With poor technical support and even worse casting and making, this 2 countries is a pathetic remake, that deserves a skip.


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