Sapthagiri LLB Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1.75/5

Sapthagiri LLB Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1.75/5

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Bottom Line: A failed remake!
'Saptagiri LLB' is one of the notable movies in Telugu and most of us would've seen this already in many languages. The movie is an official remake of Hindi movie 'Jolly LLB'. It already came in Tamil as 'Manithan'. Saptagiri LLB (Saptagiri) is a small time lawyer who handles petty cases. He struggles to win even a small case. However, as he was humiliated, he comes to Hyderabad to become a big lawyer. In the run, he faces Hyderabad's top lawyer (Sai Kumar) in a Hit and Run case. Sai Kumar tries to save the culprit and Saptagiri tries to get the justice. How he wins the case forms the rest of the story.
Saptagiri has done justice to the role. But if you have seen the original this is too bad and even worse. Be it comedy or emotions, he fails to strike the chord. Tamil actor Udhayanidhi Stalin did a better job even though he's stone faced. Senior actor Sai Kumar shines in his role. He brings some meat to the movie. But his negative role also fails to impress due to the weak screenplay. The actor who essays the role of a Judge has done a good role. He has given some matured performance. Rest of the cast are just fillers and nothing much to brag about. 
Once again we stress, if you have seen the original version, just skip this! The only plus in the movie is the last 20 minutes. Rest of them are totally weak and silly. The screenplay is too weak and it lacks depth. The first half itself will make you yawn! Cinematography has nothing much to offer. Most of the scenes are taken inside the sets and kudos the production designer. The Art director has worked hard to recreate the courtroom. Editing is okay! More than the songs, the background music has maitained the tempo. Director Charan has got a solid hit movie and still he has failed to give a hit movie! He has to blame himself.


This Telugu version of Jolly LLB is too weak and shallow. The first half is totally waste due to the silly narration and unwanted comedy. The movie even goes for a toss at times. The last 20 minutes are the biggest plus where one side tries to win and other side tries to defend. Only that makes this movie watchable. Else, just skip it!


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