Mental Madhilo Telugu Movie Review, Rating -2.75/5

Mental Madhilo Telugu Movie Review, Rating -2.75/5

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Bottom Line: A harmless can watch Rom-com lifted by Sree Vishnu and Nivetha Pethuraj.
After impressing with some interesting character artist acts in few movies, young actor Sree Vishnu Is back on screen for the second times in two months, as his last movie Vunnadhi Okkate Zindagi fetched him good reviews. This time he has come back with Mental Madhilo, costarring Tamil beauty Nivetha Pethuraj. Let's see what the movie is about in this exclusive first on net Mental Madhilo review by team AP Herald.

Arvind Krishna (Sree Vishnu) is a confused guy, who gets easily confused when he has multiple options. His worried parents decide to get him married to stop his immature and confused behavior, and soon he gets to meet Swetha (Nivetha Pethuraj) and falls for her. But things take a turn when Arvind goes to Mumbai and gets to meet Renu (Amrutha Srinivasan), and likes her too. Now Arvind is in deep confusion over whom to choose ad his life partner. What happened ultimately is that Mental Madhilo is all about.
Sree Vishnu has matured as a performer, and has given an impactful performance as the confused guy with loads of innocence and performed the role in a calm and subtle manner. Nivetha Pethuraj is a pretty find, and her characterization makes her presence even more beautiful with awesome chemistry with Sree Vishnu. Amrutha is adequate as the second lead. Shivaji Raja's gets to play a substantial role and his humor with Sree Vishnu for the company is a treat.
Music by Prashanth Vihari is pleasant, and all songs being montage ones, add to the impact. Oohale, Edhola, and Bagundayya are the pick of the lot. Veda Raman's Cinematography is stunning, as he captures the middle-class lifestyle in a raw, realistic manner. Viplav's editing skills have to be honed, as the second half drags, affecting the pace.Debutant director Vivek Athreya has got an interesting premise and a huge opportunity to prove his talent on debut with a producer like Raj Kandhukuri backing him after a successful flick like Pellichoopulu, and Vivek has made a pretty fair use of the opportunity. 


Mental madhilo has a good casting and impressive performances and starts off very well. The first half, though moving on a leisurely pace, entertains big time with amazing, lively love sequences and chemistry between Sree- Nivetha, while the second half and the second love story is a huge fail. However, despite cliches and drags in the second half, the lead pair's love track and Sree Vishnu's act in particular, makes this breezy slice of life romantic comedy a slightly mediocre yet can watch attempt.


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