Rendu Rellu Aaru Telugu Movie (2017) Review, Rating -2.5/5

Rendu Rellu Aaru Telugu Movie (2017) Review, Rating -2.5/5

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Bottom Line: Some lagging causes this movie as a 'One time watch'
Raju (Naresh) and Rao (Ravi Kale) are forced to change their newborn babies and as they exchange they stay in the same colony. The story starts when the babies grow into full grown adults as Maddy(Anil) and Maggie(Mahima) and they fall in love with each other. The problems faced by the fathers forms the rest of the story. The reason why they interchanged the babies are also explained later on. So watch the movie on the big screen to know the answers
The interesting plot is the biggest plus of the movie. The plot is simple and it is kept interesting. Prominent actors Naresh and Ravi Kale have done their role to perfection. They have shown their mettle in an interesting manner. They acted well in their characters assigned. Actor Anil looks good and he has done a good job but a commendable performance. Mahima is too pretty and she makes a solid impression. She's a notable face in Tamil already and this would give her a break in Telugu too. Thagubothu Ramesh makes a surprise entry and his comedy is a savior. He brings his best performance in this movie.
Even though the plot is interesting, the director ends the movie haywire and it is not quite a good ending. Also the romantic portion between the lead pair was kinda shabby. Dialogues are the backbone and they are meaningful. Director Nandu shouldn't have taken the cinematic privileges. On the technical side, Editing is okay and cinematography is excellent. The Godavari locales are quite exquisite to watch. The biggest minus is the movie has more downs after a certain level. Audience lose the interest as its dragging.


Director Nandu has the good plot but he wasted it with some shoddy editing and shabby screenplay. He must have worked more on the script to bring the much needed intensity. The casting is too good. However, that alone isn't enough. Mahima is pretty, but she needs to up her 'Oomph' factor to survive. Thanks to Sai Korrapati who released the movie as that may get the movie a wider reach.


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