Ninnu Kori Telugu Movie Review, Rating -3/5

Ninnu Kori Telugu Movie Review, Rating -3/5

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Bottom Line: Just a beautiful movie which will have you brimming with joy!
'Ninnu Kori' is all about a triangular love story set between Nani, Nivetha Thomas and Aadhi. The movie opens in USA with some family scenes between Aadhi and Nivetha. And then the movie moves into flashback mode where Nani and Nivetha loves each other and due to some issues they break up and finally story moves to present day where Nivetha requests Aadhi to allow Nani to stay with them for 10 days. So what happens during this tenure? Did Nivetha's father Murali Sharma accepts Nani? What happened to the breakup? Did they patched up? Watch the answers on the silver screen.
Nani is totally flawless. No wonder he is given the tag 'Natural Star'. He emotes flawlessly and especially during his conversation with Aadhi he is just out of the box. He is entertaining as well as emotional. Nivetha is beautiful and once again she has done a commendable job. However, she gives a school girl feel in most of the scenes. Even though she produces matured acting, her face says a different story. Aadhi is running on the success of 'Maragatha Naanayam' and here he is seen in a totally different shade. On a romantic genre, we can see Aadhi showing his masterfulness. Prudhvi, Murali Sharma and rest of the supporting cast are too good. 
Kudos to Producer DVV Danayya for huge production values. The movie is set in USA backdrop and the locales are mindblown. Special credits to Karthik Gattamneni for bringing the beauty of USA into our eyes. The lightings are so natural and there are no artificial stuff anywhere. However, editing could have been a lot better as it has to be. 137 minutes seems too long and it tests our patience. Gopi Sundar has given some catchy tunes as usual. 'Unnattundi Gundey' in Chinmayi and Karthik's rendition will be soothing to ears for a long time. Debutant Shiva Nirvana has never showed signs of making his debut anywhere. He shows all his masterful skills and has crafted a beautiful movie. 


On the whole, this is not the typical "Boy meets girl" kinda love story. The plot is too deep and that is obvious in every frame. The climax is convincing with a small twist. And for most of them the second half seems to be a lot better than the first half. Apart from the lead casting, all other actors are perfectly placed and provided stellar screen-time. However, the movie is shallow and sugar-coated at places and that could have been avoided. Gopi Sundar's Music is the backbone and soul of the movie. Well, on the whole, it is worth a watch and your bucks!


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