Jayadev Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1.75/5

Jayadev Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1.75/5

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Bottom Line: Skip it without any thoughts!
Telugu movie Jayadev(Ghanta Ravi) is about a sincere police officer who gets involved in a deadly murder case of a cop. Meanwhile upon his investigation, he comes to know that a dreaded liquor don (Vinod Kumar) is behind all this. Rest of the story is as to how a sincere and simple sub-inspector like Jayadev tackles the mighty Don and puts him behind the bars.
Ganta Ravi and Malvika Raaj’s chemistry has worked very well only in the songs and he has a good physique. Malavika Raj looks quite glamorous and provides good eye candy for the audience. Director Jayanth C. Paranji had narrated a film who made films like Premante Idera direct a film in that bad manner. The villain’s track is so poor that there is nothing else to look forward as the film moves on some silly and loud scenes most of the time.
The production values of the film are just average and the music of the film is okay and so was the background score. Camera work was pretty decent and showcased the cop set up in an interesting manner. Editing is pathetic as at least 15 minutes could have been easily chopped off and it makes the audience restless in many scenes.


Jayadev is a too heavy subject for a debutante like Ghanta Ravi. He should have chosen a simple film to make his entry in Tollywood. The movie’s narration and screenplay is badly made. The story is below average and watch the movie if you are wasting your time, just watch to while away your time.


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