Nikhil Keshava (2017) Telugu Movie Review, Rating-2.75/5

Nikhil Keshava (2017) Telugu Movie Review, Rating-2.75/5

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Bottom Line: Yet another success for Nikhil with this revenge drama!
Nikhil's intense revenge drama movie's story is about a student (Nikhil Siddharth) after twelve years after his parents’ death, with a rare heart disease has to seek revenge by controlling his anger and plots to bring their murderers to justice. In order to investigate the sudden deaths of the two officers, Special Investigation Officer Sharmila Mishra(Isha Koppikar) steps in. She soon catches hold of the man and learns about his parents’ untimely death. During her investigation, she finds out that there is more to the man’s fury against the cops than just his parents’ death.  Watch the rest on the big screen.
The revenge drama features Nikhil Siddharth, Ritu Varma in predominant roles, while Bollywood actress Isha Koppikar, “Pelli Choopulu” fame Priyadarshi and Vennela Kishore have acted in important roles.  Nikhil's performance in the movie is Mind-blogging. Isha Koppikar as the Investigation Officer had made her re-entry through the movie after many years. Director Sudheer Varma had made a superb and quite interesting revenge drama. All the characters have done justice to their roles. However, it is Nikhil who shoulders the whole movie. His intense characterization and emotions lifts the movie to a whole new level. Ritu Varma also has done justice to her role. She has proven that she is not just a one movie wonder and she clearly gives a message that she is here to stay.
Sunny MR had composing music for the movie. Distributor turned producer Abhishek, had bankrolled the film. Recently, The film has completed the censor formalities and the censor board has awarded the movie with U/A certificate. The cinematography and editing part is made aptly with more attention because the maker had come across many flop movies. The background scoring is also made perfectly. Very few times, all the technical team comes strong and this is one of those rare moments. 

In fact, Keshava is a thriller drama in which senior actress Isha Koppikar has got a powerful role to perform and young heroine Ritu Varma of ‘Pelli Chupulu’ fame looks to be crucial for the plot of the movie. A fresh theme and storyline are going to be a big positive one for the movie.The film is good with very interesting and gripping narration. Series of murders takes place without any twists and turns in first half. Key scenes in the film are well handled by the director. The director had tried to make it different but with a modern touch.


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