Texas Star Kalakaar 2017

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Bottom Line: Nowhere near the Original version!
The story of Babu Baga Busy is based on the life of Madhav(Srinivasa Avasarala) who is a sex addict. After having a number of affairs in his life, Madhav finally decides to settle down with Radha(Misthi). But things are not that easy as his controversial past keeps getting back to his current life time and again. The movie is all about how he finds his life partner and a series of relationships and the rest of the story is as to how Madhav clears all his problems and finally marries Radha.
Srinivas Avasarala had been exceptional and flawless as Madhav in the movie and he is the only saviour in the movie. He had excelled in all ways and had proved that he is not restricted to sensible roles. Misthy Chakraborthy had acted decently and also convincing in her role of Radha. The other actors are supportive in their roles. Naveen Medaram had made the direction and Sunil Kashyap had composed the music.
The film has way too many songs even though they come as montages. The background score is pathetic and does not elevate the film one bit. Production values are just about okay and so was the camera work. Editing is okay and so were the dialogues. The screenplay of the film is a setback as the manner in which the scenes flow can irritate you. The director had disappointed the audience by the way the movie is made. He had lost a wonderful opportunity and nose dives the movie with his average par direction.
The movie had been adopted from Bollywood movie Hunterr and such type of stories are not apt for Tollywood industry audience. The plot has not been well adopted and well written. The first half has been faked up without indulging into the original plot. The second half is slightly okay than the first half, but makes no difference among the audience. The songs are meaningless and aren't placed correctly in the right position. The second half also has disastrous run. The movie will be a disappointing and horrible watch this weekend.


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