REVIEW : KHAIDI NO 150 Review 3/5

REVIEW : KHAIDI NO 150 Review 3/5

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REVIEW : KHAIDI NO 150 Review 3/5
VV Vinayak wants to highlight the plight of our farmers and raise awareness on the soft drink companies exploiting our ground water and other water resources but he wields a bludgeon to get this message over that the film ends up as a rant that doesn't address the issue in an even handed manner. Media persons are painted as people who only want sensationalism, while the police are shown as accomplice to the mighty. Interestingly, the director leaves out politicians, even though, as policy makers, they play a huge role in such a crisis. This only exposes his intention of playing to the gallery. So let's see how this plot ahs helped Mega star for his 150th movie!

Star Performance
Chiranjeevi's come back after ten years has excited his fans to see him in dual roles in the movie. Kajal Aggarwal has paired with Chiranjeevi and their performances and chemistry has worked very well. The songs which were released earlier failed to attract much. Chiranjeevi's dance steps are stunning and the visuals compliment well to the low key music. Chiranjeevi is still energetic and he is more young and a heart throb. He carries the movie single handed and his dialogue deliveries with panache are sure to stay in history. Kajal is gorgeous and she makes a neaty role. Ali, Posani Krishna have done justice to their roles. There are even few cameos which grab our eyeballs.

Techinical Team
Devi Sri Prasad has given a good BGM score which is the plus to the movie. Kajal Aggarwal is seen only in duet songs and her portion of acting is less and Chiranjeevi's roles are highlighted. Rathnavelu has looked after the cinematography work and it is good. Gowtham Raju's editing part is not apt and few scenes are bit lengthy and boring. This commercial masala movie has more romance and action. Paruchuri Brothers dialogues are catchy. There are few flaws in editing and they are overshadowed by Chiranjeevi's screen presence.
Tamil Movie Kaththi became the highest grossing Tamil film of 2014 in US. In the UK box office it grossed £319,310 in 12 days. Khaidi No 150 is expected to cross the records within 3 days itself. The movie is made on a lavish scale and it rides on the dual roles of Chiranjeevi and the social interest angle and some impactful scenes  are part of the mix. The movie will be the treat to Chiranjeevi's fans. Coin fight, Dialogues will stay in heart of fans forever!

10:56pm:  It's quite a treat to watch 'Mega Star' in such a commercial and social message oriented film. However, the movie has its flaws and they are completely overshadowed by Chiranjeevi's screen presence. Definitely, a treat for fans of Chiranjeevi!

10:51pm: Court issues order in favor of Village and we have a 'Happy Ending'.

10:46pm: Some emotions all around. He gets a sign on documents and goes to the MNC. Time for climax heavy duty action scene. 

10:41pm: Tarun Arora threatens the thief Chiranjeevi to bring documents signed else he will murder the innocent one. However, the old age home people find out the truth. 
10:35pm: A powerful dialogue delivery from Chiranjeevi stressing out the problems faced by farmers and the drought situation prevailing across the state.
10:31pm: There comes Chiranjeevi and once again DSP's background score elevates it to whole new level.
10:26pm: Tarun Arora speaks to the innocent guy about how much tough nut he was. He also mocks him as who is going to walk out of the pipe and going to give press meet.
10:21pm: Meanwhile, the innocent Chiranjeevi surrenders before Police and Tarun Arora kidnaps him from the police.
10:16pm: People get tensed as water has been stopped and without water everyone panics. 
10:12pm: He sits inside Pipes along with old age people and corporation struggles to open water. Cops get news that all lake sources were stopped by old people.

10:10pm: Chiranjeevi makes a plan with city blueprint. He decides to block the Lake water so that this would become sensation and media would give desired attention.
10:08pm: Chiranjeevi tries to bring this to everyone notice. But Media and public are least bothered about this. They ignore as this has 'Zero' news value.
10:06pm: The case comes to the court and Judges say that youngsters in the village demand for factory and they say the verdict will go in favor of MNC if they don't prove this is all a sham.
10:04pm: One of the best ever action scenes. Here comes the most awaited COIN FIGHT sequence. This will go down the history for sure!
9:59pm: Meanwhile, the innocent Chiranjeevi escapes from Prison
9:57pm: He changes commission report in favor of village and Tarun Arora gets angry and orders a pile of goons to beat him and murder him inside the Old age home itself.
9:56pm: Tarun Arora orders to buy a person within the commission to give commission report in favor of them. Chiranjeevi threatens him in style! 
9:54pm: Kajal Aggarwal falls for him and she proposes Chiranjeevi. Unwanted scene and unwanted song at an unwanted time. Acts as barricade for the flow of story.
9:46pm: Tarun Arora calls and warns him. Chiranjeevi says, "I AM WAITING..." and with this we have Intermission! The movie is so far so good. Very few flaws and even they are masked by Chiranjeevi's presence..
9:43pm:  In return MNC guys send goons to old age home and they beat the old people. A powerful stunt scene once again. Chiranjeevi is at his best.
9:39pm: Thief Chiranjeevi gets heartbroken after seeing the flashback. He handovers the money back to MNC.
9:34pm: An MNC tries to abduct those lands and they even murder few farmers to grab it. He lodges a case and still fights to get those back for the farmers.
9:31pm: Chiranjeevi with nerd glasses and innocent looks has made a complete changeover. He is a master in Hydrology and finds that the village ground water source is huge.
9:26pm: At the Lions club event, we have flashback sequence for the innocent Chiranjeevi.
9:24pm: Chiranjeevi gets a phone call from old age home that Lions Club is honoring him with an award and a cheque of few lakhs. 
9:22pm: Chiranjeevi accepts the money and he gives 'SWEET WARNING' to him not to disturb people at Old age home. 
9:20pm: Tarun Arora brings Chiranjeevi to his place. He warns Chiranjeevi to sign the documents and get 25 Crores and leave the country. 
9:18pm: Meanwhile, some goons try to Kill the thief Chiranjeevi at old age home. An intense action scene with some powerful background from DSP.
9:15pm: Police find out that he is innocent. But still, they keep him behind bars.
9:13pm: The movie moves towards heavy side. The innocent Chiranjeevi wakes up at Prison hospital and screams that he should be at court submitting some reports and documents.
9:11pm: Chiranjeevi accepts and once again he drops the plan of moving abroad. Time for a romantic song sequence. Visuals are so good. Ratnavelu has done a neat job in cinematography.
9:07pm: So far, it has been a complete package from the 'Mega Star'. Next morning, Kajal asks Chiranjeevi a help. She requests him to slap a ward counselor.
9:04pm: Power goes off and someone from his family comes to help. Out of rage, Chiranjeevi slaps and he finds out it is Kajal when power resumes. Chiranjeevi mannerisms are such a treat to watch!
9:02pm: An old man gets a heart attack and everyone panics. Chiranjeevi tries to intimate the old man's residence and no one picks the call.
8:58pm: Some respects are paid for the dead at Old age home. An old guy says 6 people committed suicide to save the life of innocent Chiranjeevi.
8:53pm: Antagonist Tarun Arora makes his entry
8:49pm: The old age home people tear the DD slip and Chiranjeevi demands another cheque from him. He also decides to stay at the old age home till he receives the money.
8:43pm: A collector meets Chiranjeevi on road and says he is ready to pay him a DD for a huge sum. The collector takes him to an Old age home and everyone greets him.   
8:39pm: Chiranjeevi makes a plan and he changes his stuff with the 'Innocent' Chiranjeevi. So that cops would arrest the innocent one and he will be free.
8:36pm: Twist to the tale. Chiranjeevi meets his look-alike and some goons shoot him. He is admitted to the hospital by thief Chiranjeevi.
8:32pm: Chiranjeevi drops his idea of moving abroad. He stays in India after falling in love with Kajal.
8:29pm: Chiranjeevi meets Kajal at Airport and he falls in love with her. Template romance stuff!
8:26pm: Chiranjeevi comes to his friend Ali's place and asks him to prepare fake passports as he moves outside India.
8:21pm: Now, Chiranjeevi says to cops that he will run with a guess how he would have escaped. Police catch the escaped convict and Chiru escapes during this break.
8:17pm: Blueprint scene. Chiranjeevi visualizes the Jail with the blueprint. DSP has done a good job with background score.
8:15pm: Chiranjeevi as petty thief agrees to help cops on few conditions. He demands blueprint of the Prison. Quite interesting narration so far!
8:13pm: Police are worried about catching him again. Cops recommend 'Khaidi No 150' as he has escaped several times and he knows the pulse of the escaped accused.
8:11pm: Cops surround him and we go for 30 mins back flashback portion. Another accused beats prison warden and escapes through the drainage hole.
8:07pm: The scene opens up with a prison break sequence. 'Mega Star' Chiranjeevi escapes from prison and cops chase him.
8:04pm: Premiere shows have started in UAE and US and APHERALD team brings you the live updates first!
8:01pm: Well, the long wait is almost over ! Fans of 'Mega Star' who are eager to watch Chiranjeevi on silver screen can be excited as the premiere shows are going to being in few minutes. So let's see whether this is worth the wait!
7:55pm: Khaidi No 150 Review, Rating be a smashing hit for Chiranjeevi and for Mega Fans as well for the Tollywood Industries.
7:50pm: Megastar Jindabad — Megastar Jindabad — Megastar Jindabad
7:45pm: Thousands of fans stocked in front of theatres and shouting Megastar Jindabad—JAI Chiranjeevi - JAI JAI Chiranjeevi — BOSS IS BACK
7:39pm: Khaidi No 150 Review, Rating said to be the best of Megastar Chiranjeevi's best, In terms of performance and also In terms of market value.
7:37pm:  Khaidi No 150 Review, Rating  presents Megastar Chiranjeevi in a superb role with the V.V. Vinayak Story of combining heart touching humane elements into commercial format.
7:33pm:  Khaidi No 150 Review, Rating is one of the most anticipated films of Tollywood 2017.
7:29pm: Khaidi No 150 Review, Rating by brings you minute - minute Live Updates - FirstOnNet - Review
7:25pm: We are happy to bring you the LIVE UPDATES of Khaidi No 150 - Mega Star Chiranjeevi - Chiranjeevi, Kajal Agarwal & V.V. Vinayak Film.
7:17pm: Due to massive crowd, people are sent inside the theaters and we can sense the mad rush among people to get a glimpse of 'Mega Star' after a long hiatus
7:10pm: Good evening fellas! So the long wait is about to end and the premiere shows for 'Khaidi No 150' is about to begin in Dubai and New York city in another 45-50 minutes. On behalf of APHERALD, We bring you live updates at the earliest! 
Khaidi No 150 Movie Tweets live Updates starts at today 8pm exclusively on
Megastar Chiranjeevi's Prestigious 150th film, Khaidi No 150 Tickets available on Online as all the theaters have opened their bookings.The initial response for the Khaidi No 150 Tickets available on Online is overwhelming and the demand for Khaidi No 150 Tickets available on Online will is only increasing as the multiplexes and main theaters open their bookings. In fact, the the word huge is an understatement for Khaidi No 150 Advance Booking.
Khaidi No 150 Inside Talk is good and the superb response for the promotional material of the film released so far makes the trade and audience exciting.Khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review, Rating will arrive first from the Khaidi No 150 Overseas premieres. Massive Plans are on for Khaidi No 150 Premiere Show and the Khaidi No 150 Premiere Show details are already available online. The Megastar himself is promoting Khaidi No 150 aggressively across all the media.
As the movie has registered a Pre-Release Business of over 100 Crore, Khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review, Rating are very important for good occupancy. Positive Khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review, Rating will mean that the movie will do extremely do good with all classes of Telugu audience across the globe. 
Khaidi No 150 Movie Updates:
• 'Khaidi No 150' is the first Telugu film to be screened in Mumbai Maratha Mandir
• 'Khaidi No 150' releases over 220+ screens in Karnataka and this is the biggest release for any Telugu movie. Previous best was 'Janatha Garage' with 180+ screens.
• More than 300 shows scheduled for 'Khaidi No 150' at Hyderabad on Wednesday
• Just like 'Kabali', MNC companies have given holiday for the release of 'Khaidi No 150'.. Al Riyad Construction and Trading company has declared holiday on January 11th.
• Premiere show of 'Khaidi No 150' at Regal Theaters, Irving on January 10th (Tues) 6PM has been sold out.
• Bookings in Chennai are yet to start for 'Khaidi No 150'. There is a mad rush at Sathyam cinemas, Chennai.
Tollywood industry's Megastar Chiranjeevi's Khaidi No 150 movie is written by Paruchuri Brothers and directed by VV Vinayak and the movie is the come back of Chiranjeevi after ten years. The movie features Chiranjeevi, Kajal Aggarwal and Shriya Saran in leading roles. Devi Sri Prasad had composed the music for Chiranjeevi's 150th movie Khaidi No 150.
The story was written by AR Murugadoss in Tamil and the movie is the remake of Tamil Movie Kaththi featuring Ilayathalapathy Vijay and Samantha in predominant roles. Chiranjeevi's Khaidi No 150 is bankrolled by Surekha Konidela, Ram Charan and A Subashkaran under the banner Konidela Production Company. Lyca Productions Company is making the distribution throughout the states.
Previously the movie's teaser and songs which were released have received positive feedback from Chiranjeevi's fans and the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the movie as the movie is Chiranjeevi's 150th movie and he has made his come back after a gap of ten years. Chiranjeevi's style of acting will impress his fans to a greater extent. His style of acting and dancing in the movie will be stunning his fans.
Earlier the movie when released in Tamil had run successfully and has earned good collections for the box office. Currently Kaththi movie's story is known to many and it is not known whether the movie will run successfully in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. But as Chiranjeevi had acted in the movie there are chances that the movie may run successfully. Rathnavelu has made the cinematography work excellently and the editing part is played by Gowtham Raju.
Lakshmi Rai has given special appearance in Rathalu Rathalu' song and Ram Charan is also making special appearance in Ammadu song. Meanwhile the director VV Vinayak is making cameo appearance in the movie. The movie is releasing in a huge screen count across the World. Stay tuned with us to know live updates and review of the movie !

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