Tulasidalam (2016) Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1/5

Tulasidalam (2016) Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1/5

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Seems Tollywood is still in love for Horror movies. 'Thulasidalam' is one such horror genre. Satvik (Nishchal Deva) is an orphan who moves to Las Vegas to get intimate with his better half Nisha (Vandana Gupta). He believes that there are no ghosts or Spirits. But his room mate Subbu trusts them blindly. And as usual, the believer challenges the protagonist to spend a whole night in graveyard. The protagonist easily completes the challenge, but after that he starts experiencing paranormal activities. He also notices that  a girl named Shanti follows him. He is confused what is happening around him and he seeks help of Dr.Tilak  (RP Patnaik). What is the reason behind these paranormal activities ? Who is Shanti? Does his problems got solved ?
Debutante Nishchal Deva has done a decent performance and female lead Vandana is gorgeous and her looks are an added advantage. RP Patnaik is okayish and he has taken the crucial role himself. The actor who did role of the protagonist room mate was so perfect. The biggest strength of the movie is the short running time. Else everyone one would have lost patience. When the screenplay is so pathetic, no one can do anything other than enjoy and have a laugh. Climax makes everyone confused.
For a ghost movie all we expect is crisp editing and a spooky background score. But all we have got is the opposite. Songs are so pathetic and act as speed breakers. Production values are so low than a serial. As RP Patnaik has done the Music, Production and Direction, he tries to carry the whole movie by himself. It is obvious that he tries to get the centre of attraction. But he has clearly failed in all sections. Very few scenes have the perfect background score. Don't know why he failed to give a gripping screenplay too. VFX is completely clumsy. Instead of scaring, all we can have is a hearty laughter. Cinematography has also been derailed. Makers claimed that they have shot it in Las Vegas. But it doesn't seem to be. 
This is another routine ghost story and the low production values pull this movie down. A pathetic screenplay blended with clumsy music leaves the movie wandering. Climax leaves everyone perplexed. Definitely not the movie which everyone looks for. The ghosts will never scare you for sure.


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