Nagarjuna Officer Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1.75/5

Nagarjuna Officer Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1.75/5

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Bottom Line: RGV Fails again, thanks to a cliched screenplay, pulling down Nag's efforts.
After more than two decades, the golden combo that delivered the action blockbuster, Shiva, Director Ram Gopal Varma and actor Nagarjuna are back together on screen to dish out a cop thriller, Officer. Having been delivering failures over the past 5-6 years, RGV is badly in need of a breather hit, while Nag, who was last seen in the dud Raju Gari Gadhi 2 needs a hit. Can the duo succeed in their 4th collaboration? Here's team AP Herald's exclusive Officer Review.
Nagarjuna who plays a tough cop gets to investigate a fake encounter case, involving a senior cop, Narayan Pasari, who kills in a gruesome manner. As Nag gathers evidence to arrest Narayan, he twists and gets out of the case with his influential nature. However, now the game begins with a direct war between Nag and Narayan, who tries to get Nag arrested by framing him. How Nag escapes Narayan's evil plans and eliminates him is what officer is all about.

Nagarjuna is at his best, and though it is the role of a tough cop, emotes perfectly in the flashback sequences featuring his wife, and in the daughter bonding scenes, while also fitting the role of an action cop with his stunning physique and body language with ease. Narayan Pasari as the antagonist is adequate, though his characterization is cliched, Ajay delivers a neat supporting act, while Myra Sareen, does not impress, as her lip sync could have been worked on.
Background score by Ravisankar is jarring and loud, while of his songs, the Navve Nuvvu impresses, while the item number is an unwanted addition. Cinematography by Bharat Vyas is top notch, capturing the chase and high octane stunts in Mumbai to perfection. Ram Gopal Varma, once a classy maverick maker, is no more the director he was in his prime and has been desperately in need of a hit. It has been almost 5-6 years since he delivered a genuine movie liked and accepted by the audience, the last being Rakth Charitra. 


RGV has joined hands with his most favorite Nagarjuna but has chosen a beaten to death premise of a cop thriller. Said to be based on real incidents, RGV laces the screenplay with cliched and predictable sequences, and the typical cop movie cliches like sincere cop's wife dying, cop's daughter held by villain, an unwarranted celebration song, to name a few, really make one wonder if this was the same director who had delivered cult flicks, and had set a benchmark himself by making unique movies.

His characters in Officer are one dimensional, with the prime antagonist Narayan Pasari made to look like a loud caricature, and there itself Officer loses its sheen, and the second half moves at an even dull pace with dragged chases and boring dialogues. RGV has completely failed to deliver an engaging cop thriller, despite having a premise and a hero who can pull off action perfectly. All said, this officer lacks innovation and stays stuck in cliches and predictability.


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