Achari America Yatra Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1.75/5

Achari America Yatra Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1.75/5

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Bottom Line: Achari can never stand against Bharat, Thanos and Chitti Babu at box office!
Vishnu Manchu who had been on a hibernation mode for quite sometime, after delivering numerous flops one after the other, had been making noises with his next movie achari America Yatra. While the film had faced numerous delays, it has now finally released. Here's team AP Herald's exclusive Achari America Yatra Review.

Achari (Vishnu Manchu) is a calm priest, who gets into a conflict with Pradeep Rawat and team, following which he escapes to US along with his team of pundits. However it is revealed later that it was Achari's setup to bring everyone to US. What was Achari's plan and what way Is Pragya Jaiswal related to achari and whether he succeeds is what Achari America Yatra is all about.
Vishnu Manchu delivers a fine act and it is Brammanandham who steals the show with his comic antics, as he evokes laughter whenever he appears with Vishnu. Pragya Jaiswal looks beautiful and that's all that she does, and the rest of the cast including Surekha Vani, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Pradeep Rawat are adequate.
Music by S Thaman is loud and jarring and none of the songs make any impact as they give a sense of deja vu. Cinematography by Siddharth captures the exotic locales of US very well. Editing by Varma could have been better. The plot of Nageshwara Reddy directorial achari America Yatra is as old as the hills, and the movie solely relies on the chemistry between Vishnu  and Brammanandham. Brammanandham has been in top form with his comic antics after a long time, and his track with Surekha is hilarious. 


However with the irritating track featuring prudhvi and with a powerful persona like Thakur Anoop Singh presented in a silly manner annoys and leaves the viewer disappointed bigtime. The songs and their placement also adds to the worries of achari America Yatra. All said, Achari America Yatra is an outdated product that fails despite Brahmi rising to the occasion.


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