Needi Naadi Oke Katha Telugu Movie Review, Rating -2.75/5

Needi Naadi Oke Katha Telugu Movie Review, Rating -2.75/5

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Bottom Line: This is a loveable tale that deserves a watch.
After impressing in several movies like Apptalo Okkadundevadu, Vunnadhi Okkate Zindagi.etc playing supporting roles, and after playing the loveable innocent guy in the feel-good entertainer Mental Madhilo, young hero Sree Vishnu has returned on screen as a protagonist yet again, with Needi Naadi Oke kadha directed by Debutant Venu Udugula. Here's team AP Herald's exclusive first on net Needi Naadi Oke Kadha review.

The film is all about a happy go lucky youngster Sagar (Sree Vishnu), who struggles in everything, and is a most hated person even by his own father. He initially struggles to clear his exam, and then falls in love with Satna Titus, and his love story also reaches the critical phase of getting destroyed. The problems in his life worsen the relationship with his father further as well. Whether Sagar was able to prove himself and win his love and affection of family is what Needi Naadi Oke katha is all about.
Sree Vishnu, who has so far been playing subtle, mild roles without much of scope for showing his histrionics, has this time undergone a stunning transformation, and has excelled with his emotions and is perfect as the unlucky Sagar. Newbie Satna Titus impresses in her short yet critical role and emotes well. The rest of the cast including Devi Prasad and Posani are adequate, delivering fine supporting Performances.
Music by Suresh Bobbili is impressive, as the background score flows along with the theme of the movie well, and of the songs, Parvathi Thanayudavo and Edho jarige are hum-worthy. Cinematography by Raj Thota and Parvez K is top notch, capturing the intense visuals to perfection. Editing by Bonthala Nageswara Reddy deserves a special mention as he has made sure Needi Naadi Oke katha is a tight and engaging entertainer. Debutant director Venu Udugula has come up with a often repeated and commercially presented plot of a Ill treated struggling loser winning in life, but has opted to present in a realistic manner with raw emotions without compromising to bring in commercial elements in a forced manner. 


The relationship between Sagar and his father and  it's transition from hate to love as events unfold, and the relationship between the hero and heroine, and the way she complements him and helps him in his struggle, are depicted beautifully, making Needi Naadi Oke katha an engaging visual experience that finds a connect with most of the audience with its slice of life making. Needi Naadi Oke katha is sure to be a Big break for sree Vishnu as he lives as Sagar and delivers a commendable performance. The success of Needi Naadi Oke katha is that it strikes a chord portraying the struggles most youth face in the society and for the positivity it generates with its presentation. Catch this small movie with a big heart on screens.


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