Nandamuri Kalyan Ram MLA (2018) Telugu Movie Review, Rating -2.25/5

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram MLA (2018) Telugu Movie Review, Rating -2.25/5

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Bottom Line: This MLA isn't a Big winner in box office election.
Post several career ending disasters like Sher and ISM, the young hero Kalyan ram who has been hanging on in the industry for almost a decade without much of solid success flicks commercially and critically, is back on screen today, with the action-packed romantic entertainer MLA - Manchi Lakshnalunna Abbayi, directed by Debutante Upendra Madhav. Here's team AP Herald's exclusive first on net MLA Review.

Kalyan Ram falls for Kajal Aggarwal instantly, and this leads him to a conflict with the evil politician Ravi Kishan, who employs kids in his factory and does many anti-social activities. Now, Kalyan Ram who must win the heart of Kajal Aggarwal decides to jump into the political arena and contests MLA election against Ravi Kishan. Whether he succeeded in his political game and won Kajal's love is what MLA is all about.
The highlight of the film is none other than Kajal Aggarwal, who emotes fairly well, and makes the dull proceedings colorful with her cute and gorgeous screen presence in the romantic scenes, and the songs shot in exotic locales where she oozes oomph with her glam. Kalyan Ram tries hard to fit in as an uber cool, stylish youngster who gets into conflicts for his love, but his character sketch is poor that it falls between a mass hero and a class hero, and is unimpressive. Ravi Kishan plays a typical cliched politician villain role for the umpteenth time in his career and looks like a funny caricature. The rest of the artists including Prudhvi, Manali Rathod do not have much to do with the shoddy screenplay.
Manisharma's background score is adequate, and of his songs, none pass the muster. Cinematography by Prasad Murella captures the songs colorfully, but otherwise, he has nothing much to do. Editing by Bikkina Thammiraju adds more trouble to the already dull screenplay, as it could have been taut, but leaves the movie with more drags. Director Upendra Madhav has safely opted for a template script of good vs evil, fitting it into the backdrop of a love story, and winning the evil being a mission for the hero to win his love. 


However, despite having a good pair, which has reunited after 12 years post-Lakshmi Kalyanam, the director has come up with weak characterizations, uninteresting sequences sans twists or gripping action sequences, and has laced the movie with dragging scenes and a boring screenplay that drags bigtime in the second half. While the romantic track is totally incoherent, with bad song placements and a glam Kajal alone serving as a temporary respite, and with the political mass angle also looking very predictable, MLA takes a beating and ends up as a routine attempt.


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