Photo Feature: Watch this Run Gun VIrat off the field

Photo Feature: Watch this Run Gun VIrat off the field

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Virat Kohli... The run machine. Agressive young cricketer gifted by India and who can carry the team for the next decade. Kohli generally described as a man with anger when in field. But off the field very few know what Virat looks like. He turns into a kid doing all kind of naughty stuff. Just have a look of what this Run machine does when he is not on field.
Virat makes sure that he spends all day in the old age home in Pune

Virat runs a foundation called Virat Kohli foundation for the underprivileged
Virat made this girls day. This girl walks with the help of a walker. She wanted to meet Virat at his hotel but was stopped by the security. Virat asked the security to let her in and even took a selfie with this girl.
Kohli stands in support of Anushka when people trolled her
On women's day Kohli took a stand for all women across the globe

Virat works out with his dog Bruno

Takes his time to quench the guards dog at Chepauk stadium in Chennai
His respect for nation is awsome
Energetic young man both on field and off the field
Spending sometime with little Ziva daughter of Dhoni


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