Prove yourself to the Lord

Prove yourself to the Lord

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We all are created by the Lord Almighty he knows you better than you.But his expectation is to prove yourself to him.An instance to understand this better is the story of this little David.David was just an ordinary shepherd.He was the one responsible for taking care of sheep and take them to the lush green fields, to the dense forests.Even his father wouldnt have noticed his strength.

But David was annointed as the king by the evangelist Samuel do you know why.He once confronted with the Lion the powerful mightiest animal Lion just to save his tiny sheep.The sheep actually means his own individuality his talent.
He fought with all his might to prove himself and saved the sheep.God recognised him his power his responsiblity to save to sheep.This made him eligible for the Lord to appoint him as the king for his own choosen people the Isrealities.

So prove yourself whether small or big prove what you are and if its pleasing in God's sight he will grant your needs and you will be blessed.


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