Hindu South face God Dakshinamurthy

Hindu South face God Dakshinamurthy

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Lord Dakshinamurthy means one who is south faced. Well, he never speaks but conveys through his gaze. His face conveys lots of emotions patience, serenity and happiness. Lord Dakshinamurthy is guru of guru Brihaspati. He has to be prayed on Thursday to get his blessings. Archana should be made on that day for the entire family members.

Shivapurana explains that Brihaspati undertook lot of penance to appease Shiva. Lord Shiva-Dakshinamurthy not only conferred upon him title of devguru but also gave him immense spiritual powers.

He is always auspicious Lord-Sadashivam. His kindness is boundless and he is eager to bless his devotees. Devotees often worship him to appease Brihaspati ji,the most auspicious planet in vedic astrology. May Lord Dakshinamurthy bless us all.


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