Irumudi started at Melmaruvathur

Irumudi started at Melmaruvathur

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Sakthi Malai can be worn by any human being despite of gender, age and creed. On Wearing Sakthi Malai one has to be vegetarian and has to fast on either breakfast or lunch or supper. On wearing Sakthi Malai one should sleep on bare floor just spreading out red or yellow clothes. On wearing Sakthi Malaione should control his senses and his immoral habits such as alcohol consumption, smoking, and meditating Amma's thoughts is very important.

On wearing Sakthi Malai one has to bath twice a day and perform pooja to his holiness by chanting 108, 1008 Manthras. In the evenings after taking bath one should visit a worship place and attend prayers (preferably sakthi mandram or sakthipeedam) On wearing Sakthi Malai one if meets the other wearing the same should greet the other by saying "Om Sakthi".To dedicate the Sakthi Malai and Irumudi at Amma's feet one has to fast as per above rules for at least 3 or 5 days and reach Memmaruvathur.

The Sakthi Malai must be put on by a male to male and a female to a female. The rules for wearing Sakthi Malai and carrying Irumudi could be known from the nearby Sakthi Mandram or Sakthi Peetam. These are the places where it could be worn. .One has to maintain perfect silence for at least 30 minutes before performing holy bathing to the Swayambu. One has to pray amma to eradicate his sufferings while coming around the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Silence has to be maintained while unveiling the Irumudi. One should not hide the Sanctum Sanctorum while performing Holy Bathing. After performing holy bathing one has to perform some services such as cleaning up the siddhar peedam, helping the circumambulating devotees etc., after performing the above services one has to sit behind the Sanctum Sanctorum to meditate at least for 10 minutes. After Meditation, if possible one should take bath and circumambulate to clear off his evils. This act of circumambulating is not a condition for ill devotees (heart patients, pressure patients, diabetes).


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