Ideal location for pooja room in our house

Ideal location for pooja room in our house

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The location of the Pooja room should always be in the North-East corner. It can also be in the North or East side of the house. Never locate the Pooja room in the south and the south-east, as these directions are ruled by Yama and Agni, respectively. Pooja room should not be placed in the bedroom. Pooja room should not be made above, below, adjacent or opposite to toilet.

 Pooja room should also not be constructed next to the kitchen or located under a staircase. In case you do make the Pooja space in the kitchen, keep the deity in such a way that you face east while praying. Make the roof of the Pooja room dome or pyramid shaped. This facilitates smooth flow of positive energies from the tip to the dome or pyramid into the pooja room.


 Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Kartikeya, Indra and Surya are placed in the east and facing towards west. Ganesh, Durga, Kuber, Shodas Matrika and Bhairav in the north direction and facing south. Hanuman in the north-east facing south-west, but never in the south-east as it creates fire hazard.


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