Will Power Star grab this golden chance?

Will Power Star grab this golden chance?

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Speculation is increasing on whether Power Star Pawan Kalyan,chief of Jana Sena will grab this golden opportunity. Power Star Pawan kalyan who launched his political outfit Jana Sena three years back however didnot contest any elections but supported TDP-BJP combine in 2014 elections. 

Power Star shocked all remaining silent for more than two years despite many atroticies and failure on various fronts but suddenly he wokeup from his deep sleep to start questioning about the failures. However Pawan is blowing hot and cold on various issues making many wonder whether he is a fulltime or parttime politician. 

Now under these circumstances many are wondering whether Pawan will grab this golden chance. Pawan started recruiting cadre for his party and everyone knows that his only agenda is Special Status for AP though he may speak on other issues. 

While Pawan supported TDP-BJP combine only for special status, TDP ditched special status and accepted the special package. Pawan has been blasting PM Modi and BJP over this flipflop but he is at the receiving end as he is remaining silent on the ruling TDP government in the state. 

However of late he started criticising TDP MPs too and added that his party will support any party for who fight for special status. Sometime back he praised YSRCP MPs Vijaya Sai Reddy and others. But now both TDP and YSRCP expressed their support to BJP's presidential candidate. 

It is known that Jagan went back on his warning that his MPs will resign from parliament in June. Many expected Pawan to take advantage of this golden opportunity. However Pawan remained silent till now. It has to be seen whether Pawan grabs this golden opportunity or lose out on this also. 


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