Inspector Sridevi caught in Camera goes viral in social websites

Inspector Sridevi caught in Camera goes viral in social websites

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Andhra Pradesh sources have stated that police lathicharged, amid the chaos erupted between local people and agitators of 'Save Dharna Chowk' on Monday, received a lot of media attention and Lakeview Police Station Circle Inspector K. Sridevi holding the placard along with local people for shifting 'Dharna Chowk' also caught on camera, which went viral in the social websites.

It was stated that after a lot of criticism from opposition parties, the Police department had no choice but to transfer her to Central Zone Control Room. Responding to it, Sridevi said she had to hold a placard for a few seconds only to control the disruptive situation. She made a visit to the location with five women constables in civil dress.

Meanwhile Sridevi said that, only after agitators have tried to attack them, the women constables had to hold placards along with the local people. Looking at it, I tried to take and throw away those placards from constables. It was during this same time, people had taken photos, videos and put them on media.

Due to this, the message was conveyed to the viewers in a wrong way. The incident has put down the reputation of police department. And she is ready to face any kind of trial regarding this incident.


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