Tamil Politics: Sasikala targets CM chair

Tamil Politics: Sasikala targets CM chair

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Politics in India are taking turns and twists. In north Its a big split in Samajwadi Party where the Yadav family drama continues While in the South the Tamilnadu politics turned out to be very interesting as the Voice raises for Chinnamma to take over the CM post.

 After the sudden demise of the former Chief minister J.Jayalalithaa, AIADMK party broke into two teams. One is amma's soul mate Sasikala who took over the charges of AIADMK general secretary and the other team that of Chief Minister Panner.O.Selvam.

 It's been only days that Sasikala took the charges of Party Chief, and already the game has begun to dethrone Panner selvam  from the Chief Minister post. A few Ministers Who said to be close aides of Chinnamma in Paneer's cabinet raised the voice that Sasikala should become the CM and they had no hesitation to openly say that Chinnamma is their CM.

 A few Minister's who paid tributes to Amma at Marina beach shouted slogans at Jayalalithaa's mausoleum that Sasikala should sit on the CM chair. With this the opposition DMK has demanded CM Paneer Selvam to prove his strength in the assembly. When the Ministers from the paneer's cabinet are anti to the Chief Minister and none from the party condemned the act seems that Sasikala is running the show from behind the screen.

According to sources, CM Paneer Selvam is also playing his own cards in order to protect his throne. He is in constant touch with the Centre. Politicala analysts say that with this foul play from Chinnamma may cause damage to the party and herself personally.


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