Sasikala Pushpa to meet Modi :: Demands Prob in Jayalalitha's death

Sasikala Pushpa to meet Modi :: Demands Prob in Jayalalitha's death

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Chennai sources have stated that Rajya Sabha MP from Tamil Nadu, Sasikala Pushpa, who was expelled earlier from AIADMK, and is leaving to Delhi tonight to meet the Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow morning and is, understood to have urged him to conduct a probe into the death of late Chief Minister J Jayalalitha.

Earlier Kollywood industry actress Gautami has also met Prime Minister Modi and has said that there is suspicion in the death of the late Chief Minister J Jayalalitha and she has urged the PM to probe into the death of Jayalalitha as right from her admission in Apollo Hospital there is suspicion and her death is an unexpected one for the people.

It was stated that Jayalalitha was done Emblaming, which means making the body preserved for many days. Earlier the same method was followed in Diana's case to preserve her body for many days or months. Presently Jayalalitha's face too has been done this Emblaming. Many are in suspicion as when did she died and how her death has happened.  Is it natural or a planned murder. The suspicion has to be let out to everyone behind her death. 


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