Indian American researcher invents Ultrasonic dryer that dries clothes without heat

Indian American researcher invents Ultrasonic dryer that dries clothes without heat

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NEW YORK (TIP): An Indian-American
 researcher has invented a dryer that could easily dry clothes even 
without heat. Viral Patel along with his team at Oak Ridge National 
Laboratory in Tennessee have invented a dryer that could laundry your 
clothes much faster. Expected to be five times more energy efficient, 
‘Ultrasonic dryer’ could dry a large load of clothes in about half the 

Viral Patel came to Oak Ridge National 
Laboratory (ORNL) with the aim of conducting research that would provide
 benefits to the average consumer. Viral began his studies after moving 
from Zambia to the United States
 for college. As an undergraduate at the Illinois Institute of 
Technology, he started out in aerospace engineering. But after taking a 
course in thermal systems design, he decided to broaden his horizons and
 career opportunities with a dual major in mechanical engineering.

Viral jumped into three energy 
efficiency projects almost immediately after starting at the lab as a 
postdoctoral researcher in the Energy and Transportation Science 
Division in 2015, working on development of two clothes dryers (one 
ultrasonic and the other thermoelectric) and a new, more efficient 
rotating heat exchanger for refrigerator applications.


Outside the lab, Viral enjoys reading 
science fiction, loves to cook and travel, and spends time with friends 
and family. His family is spread across the globe now—on both US coasts,
 back in Zambia, and in Australia.


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