Trump dances as North Korea fires?

Trump dances as North Korea fires?

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US President Donald Trump may be the most aggressive of all the US Presidents till now but even he couldn't control North Korea from testing its nuclear missiles almost on daily basis. 

According to the latest even as Trump is dancing to Arab tunes in a romantic manner to win the hearts of muslims, North Korea fired another missile. 

North Korea yesterday confirmed the successful launch of another medium range ballistic mobile. KCNA, state run news agency said that the weapon was ready to be deployed for military action. 

White Hose in its reaction said that the missile is of shorter range than the earlier missiles fired by North Korea. In the meantime Donald Trump on his first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia surprised all by participating and dancing in a  ceremonial sword dance in Saudi Arabia outside the Murabba Palace.

The traditional men's sword dance is known as the 'ardah'.The performance combines dance, drumming and chanting poetry, and it signifies the start of notable occasions like religious holidays or weddings.


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