Time ripe to kick out Trump?

Time ripe to kick out Trump?

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Donald Trump who stirred the hornet nest with his controversial comments shocked all by becoming the President of USA defeating Hillary Clinton. Many expected Trump to tone down his rhetoric and turn diplomatic after coming to power. 

However he continued in the same vein with sensational statements and shocking decisions becoming the most controversial world leader. Now rumours are spreading that Democrats are trying to impeach Trump from the post of the President. 

Even experts and analysts say Trump is edging closer to impeachment territory. His shocking decisions made some law makers ask the question "Can Trump be impeached for indiscretions that critics believe jeopardize national security and may amount to an obstruction of justice?"

Eversince Trump assumed office, more than dozen lawmakers from both Republicans and Democrats discussed about the possibility. But many say this may not happen in near future and it all depends on Trump's upcoming decisions. 


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