Chicago celebrates Punjabi culture and heritagewith colorful treat, fun and frolic at Rangla Punjab

Chicago celebrates Punjabi culture and heritagewith colorful treat, fun and frolic at Rangla Punjab

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CHICAGO, IL (TIP): The most awaited cultural program of the year, Rangla Punjab,
 2017 organized by the Punjabi Cultural Society of Chicago was 
celebrated with a lot of zeal and fanfare by participants of all ages, 
with an electrified Chicago audience at Meadows Clubs, Rolling meadows, 
IL. The energy of the hall was palpable and the enthusiasm of the 
participants was contagious. Vaisakhi marks the foundation day of Khalsa
 panth or Sikh
 order by the tenth Sikh Guru, Sri Gobind Singh. In 1699 the tenth guru,
 Sri Guru Gobind Singh, chose Vaisakhi as the occasion to transform the 
Sikhs into a family of soldier saints, known as the Khalsa Panth.

This memorable program encompassed a rare record-breaking number and 
variety of performances, with participants from Chicagoland as well as 
teams from neighboring states of Wisconsin and Indiana. The evening 
started with Shabad coordinated by Mr. Amardev Singh Bandesha followed 
by colorful dancing and singing performances that enthralled the crowd. 
The lineup of the cultural program performances was amazing and full of 
variety. The cultural program was very well anchored by four Emcees; 
Raskirath Singh, Parvinder Singh Nanua, Mona Bhalla and Paul Singh Lail.
 There were over thirty beautiful performances from all age groups.

Chicago Giddha, popular folk dance of women in Punjab region of India

The cultural bonanza was celebrated by Chicago with unencumbered 
enthusiasm shown through the number of attendees and participants alike;
 children as young as 4-year-old, through teenagers and adults put on a 
memorable show. Bhangra and Giddah along with the signature drum beats 
and ‘boli’s’, electrified the audience and they participated by howling 
and clapping along the lively beats. The colorful atmosphere shone 
through the authentic outfits worn by the young and old alike – 
seemingly transported everyone to the meandering streets of Punjab. As 
an Emcee reminisced about growing up in Punjab, the atmosphere was 
brought alive by the participants and their grand attires with great 
attention to detail.

Kaum Punzabi Bhangra Dance

Mr. Rajinder Singh Mago, one of the event organizers, introduced the 
dignitaries and distinguished guests to the audience. The chief guest 
Mr. Darshan Singh Dhaliwal of Dhaliwal Enterprises along with Mr. 
Sukhmel S. Atwal presented mementoes to the sponsors of the program 
Onkar Singh Sangha (Allstate Insurance), Dr. Bhupinder Singh Saini and 
Dr. Narinder S. Grewal. Grand sponsor Dr. Bhupinder Singh Saini 
congratulated everyone on the auspicious event of Vaisakhi. He credited 
PCS for keeping the Punjabi heritage alive through such celebrations far
 across the oceans that keep Punjabis connected with their culture. Dr. 
Saini, while making mention of the efforts and resources needed for such
 events said, “These things do not come cheap. I assure the organizers 
of my continuous support to this great cause.”  Dr. Saini got 
sentimental while expressing his love and gratitude for his father who 
was also present there. The guests of honor for the evening was the 
Consulate General of India Ms. Neeta Bhushan represented by Mr. D. B. 
Bhati (Consul). Mr. Bhati addressed the audience and congratulated PCS 
for the grand event. Consulate General of Pakistan Faisal Niaz Tirmizi 
also graced the evening.

The Meadows Club hall became the microcosm of the Punjabi culture and
 entertainment; it felt as if we were sitting in Punjab amidst all the 
kaleidoscopic view of its heritage surrounding us. From the authentic 
props to the intricately designed bhangra and Gidah garbs, the event 
proved to be a hit once again. Parents’ eyes cherished the moments their
 children dressed in dance costumes performed on stage. Truly everyone 
was transported through time and space
 where one could smell the fragrance of corn and wheat being harvested 
from the villages of the mighty Punjab. The writer of this passages 
reminisced about her own childhood at this program; it was that powerful
 of an atmosphere. Gidah was performed by, to name a few, Bollywood
 Arts Academy, Shaukana Chicago Diyan, Milwaukee Gidah and Chicago Gidah
 Girls and so on. Bhangra teams included all age groups like Navi 
Paneeri, Punjabi Kaum, Warriors Bhangra and many more. Chicago’s 
renowned singers Mahijit Virdi, Mona Bhalla, Maddy Singh and Ashley 
Singh made everyone dance to their 

Punjabi music reverberated in the Meadows club hall as gaily-dressed 
men and women sang and danced to celebrate the festival. The essence of 
Punjab was reflected in the hall, with kudos to Punjabi Cultural Society
 of Chicago for putting up a grand show and bringing the community 
together for this memorable event. Truly, Chicagoland will be waiting 
with bated breath for the next Rangla Punjab from Punjabi Cultural 
Society of Chicago in 2018.


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