​Trump's swearing in to have Bollywood treat?

​Trump's swearing in to have Bollywood treat?

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Till recently Bollywood stars used to perform at the various film functions or private parties of bigshots mostly industrialists and politicians from India. But all that may soon change when Donald Trump will take oath as US President on Jan 20 at the west front terrace of the US Capitol. 

It is comingout that Trump's swearing in will have top Bollywood stars perform live. Former Miss India,Manasvi Mamgai speaking to scribes said “You will see Bollywood biggies, Bollywood entertainment and all the 'Jhatkas' & 'Matkas' at the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20,”

Showering praises on Trump,she said Donald Trump will be the best US President and he will support India on all fronts. The committee in a statement revealed that more than 8,000 participants from 40 organisations will liven the atmosphere.

When Trump started his election campaigning many Bollywood stars performed live during Diwali and Trump delighted Indians by saying 'I love India, I love Hindus'. 


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