Trump builds space force against Aliens!

Trump builds space force against Aliens!

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The president of the United States of America, Donald Trump has said that, for the protection of the nation, a separate army named space force has been in the formation. Trump said that he had been planning to form the special space army for long time, and now he has also estimated the cost that will be involved in forming the dedicated space force. 

Trump went on to say that, with the formation of space force, America, which is the superpower nation of the earth, will also become the super powerful country of space as well.  He added that he had lots of dreams and plans behind space force.  In a recent interview, he had said "America currently has 5 defense teams, and along with them, as the 6th defense team, I'll be forming a space force soon. While the project is ready, I am waiting for the approval". 


"Now, with the nations of the world, along with their collaborations with private agencies excelling in the field of space and technology, they can any day trouble USA with attacks. There can be even Alien attacks in the future, from other planets. To avoid these kinds of attacks, the space force will be formed". However, the Pentagon has opposed this move of the president, and has dismissed the idea, saying that there are no plans right now for a space force. 


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