Kodiveeran Tamil Movie Review, Rating -1.5/5

Kodiveeran Tamil Movie Review, Rating -1.5/5

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Bottom Line: This Sasikumar flick is another cliched commercial potboiler that's worth a miss.
After several disastrous outings like Kidaari, Bhale Vellaiya Theva, and the recent fateful incident of his cousin Ashok Kumar's suicide after threats by financier Anbu chezhiyan, Sasikumar has returned with yet another rural mass entertainer, with his Kutty Puli director Muthiah. Here's team AP Herald's exclusive review of Kodi Veeran.

Kodi Veeran's (Sasikumar) mother gives birth to Parvathy (Sanusha), before her death after receiving a shock of her husband's extra marital affair. Since then Kodi veeran is more affectionate on his sister. Kodi veeran and his lover played by Mahima have an understanding that they should get married to each other's siblings.

But Mahima's brother Subhash (Vidharth) being an honest government official has a lot of enemies including Villangam (Pasupathi). Now how Kodi veeran saves his sister Parvathy and destroys Subhash's enemies is what the rural flick is all about.
Sasikumar is his usual casual self, mouthing punchlines and beating goons at ease, and faces troubles only in the romantic sequences. Poorna is the highlight, , with her menacing act, and is impressive. Mahima and Sanusha are pret and are limited to romancing their pairs and crying. Pasupathi is wasted in a cliched, insignificant role that lacks Power. The rest of the cast are just fillers and they have nothing much to do other than drinking and getting beatings from Sasikumar. 
None of NR Ragunanthan's songs appeal and his BGM is jarring. SR Kathir's Cinematography presents the rustic rural milieu in all its glory. After trying several rural flicks laced with thrills and suspense and fun, in Kidaari and bhale Vellaiya Theva, Sasikumar has reunited with Muthiah who gave him a commercial winner with the violent kutty puli.

Muthiah hasn't changed a bit, This time around as well, and this time he focuses on sister sentiment and presents a beaten to death plot and a boring, uninteresting, and predictable screenplay.


The movie is laced with loads of caste glorification dialogues, over the top dialogues and too much of cliched action and sentimental sequences, ultimately becoming yet another boring rural flick, despite being better than the director's last one Maruthu and Sasikumar's Bhale Vellaiya Theva.


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