Justice League Movie Review, Rating -2/5

Justice League Movie Review, Rating -2/5

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Bottom Line: Justice League is another Mediocre outing, partially made watchable only by DC's last real "superhero" Wonder Woman.
After delivering a historic success, a first of its kind for DC Extended Universe, with Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins, DC is back with the fifth installment in their extended universe flicks, Justice League.

The film marks the Return of director Zack Snyder, who directed the disappointing Batman Vs Superman earlier. Though BvS took a good opening, witnessed humongous drops, making it an average outing overall. Let's see if Zack Snyder has maintained that momentum gained thanks to "Gal" power, and has given a comeback, In this exclusive first on net review of Justice League by team AP Herald.

The film continues from where Batman Vs Superman left, with Superman's unexpected sacrifice for humanity, inspiring Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince to join forces with Barry Allen, Victor Stone and Arthur Curry to form the Justice League and fight the evil Steppenwolf and his army of parademons.

Now the justice league has the daunting task of preventing the parademons from getting hold of the 3 mother boxes on earth and save the world which is mourning the loss of Superman. Whether the team succeeds and what happened to Superman and how the team defeats Steppenwolf is what the tiring Justice League is all about.
Despite being at the helm of affairs, Ben Affleck seems to be disinterested and looks totally dull and out of place. While it takes too long for Henry Cavill to make a reentry onscreen, with his resurrection act, it's completely left in the able shoulders of the new savior of DC universe, Gal Gadot.

As the charming, powerful Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot is Grace personified, and despite her character being one dimensional (a very annoying characteristic of Zack Snyder flicks), she's kick-ass, with her unending energy. Ezra Miller's character was supposed to be a humorous one to light up the proceedings, but the dull writing makes sure it doesn't serve its purpose of humor . Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher play textbook DC characters without any interesting or special significance attached. So it's almost a Gal Gadot show to be precise.
Fabian Wagner's Cinematography is top class, and captures the stunning visuals spectacularly, while the background score by Danny Elfman is a letdown. The film clearly misses someone of the calibre of Hans Zimmer, and that obviously gets exposed in the dull background score. Zack Snyder has never been able to carry forward the little momentum that Christopher Nolan gave to DC , with his Batman resurrection act with Christian Bale and a powerful screenplay for company.

He has maintained himself as a lost glory of the past, with nothing worthwhile post 300 and Watchmen, with his Superhero flicks like Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman, only becoming testimony to his failing Directorial skills. 
While Patty and Gal Gadot together gave a temporary respite with their massive blockbuster wonder woman, it was indeed a huge responsibility for Zack to carry forward the momentum, but he has yet again missed the target. With a premise that includes all the superheroes, in what would have been the most exciting superhero union of sorts,  Zack fumbles with a middling screenplay.

While none of his characters are written well, it's Wonder Woman, who rescues the film for most part, while almost half of justice league moves on a gloomy note. What Thor achieved a week back was credited totally to the humorous screenplay it had, and that is what this multi superhero flick exactly misses. Chris Terrio and Joss Whedon have offered Zack a script that lacks humor, that could've made the proceedings interesting, instead of downcast and dull sequences.


With the very late arrival of Superman adding to the wounds, Justice League just settles in the average league with a mediocre screenplay, and can deserve a patient one time watch, complete credits to the super Energetic entertainer Gal Gadot who tries hard single-handedly to rescue a sinking ship with her natural charm and elegance as the impeccable Wonder Woman.


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