Hombanna Kannada Movie Review, Rating -1.5/5

Hombanna Kannada Movie Review, Rating -1.5/5

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Bottom Line: A Political drama which turned haywire
Hombanna movie gives a great message to society. Hombanna is a political drama movie, which is a combination of comedy, drama, and romance. The movie had captured many beautiful locations in the forest we can see forest greenery in this movie. The movie is all about problems facing by some people and a student who stays in the forest by some politicians and police officers. This political drama movie has some message for you at the end of the movie. How the people overcome the problem and finally give a good message to all.
This movie is directed by Rakshit Gowda Thirthahalli and features Suchendra Prasad, Dattanna, Chethan Chandra, Ninasam Ashwath, Shamita Shetty and Varsha Acharya. There are many characters among all the cast Varsha Acharya and Ninasam Ashwath are well known in Kannada Film industry and they have done justice to their roles. Rest of the cast are too shallow. No characters are proper and they are too weak. So does the characterizations.
The music and lyrics are made well, but few background scenes are too bad, which we cannot bear. The movie’s trailer had been watched by less number of people as the movie has no star value. The technical aspects are made averagely and not good. Moreover, the cinematography and editing part was made which is a total disaster.


Usually, movies show politicians in a rough and tough way and the same technique is handled here. The movie can be watched just to spend your time. Watch if you are free this weekend else just avoid and save the money. It's not a must watch or not-to-be-missed kinda flick. 


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