Virus Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1/5

Virus Telugu Movie Review, Rating -1/5

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Bottom Line: Don't even think about watching it!
SR Krishna’s Virus is a masala love story where Sampoornesh Babu is making fun and is enjoying his life. He makes love with the girl Geetha Sha and few comedy scenes take the movie. In the middle a murder happens and the hero finds the real culprit and finally catches heroine’s hands.
Sampoornesh Babu and Vennela Kishore’s comedy track is not so good and the songs are not so good than expected. The star in the movie simply moves here and there makes some comedy scenes. He had acted in romantic song so good that his fans will be excited on seeing his performances.
Meenakshi Bhujang along with Sunil Kahsyap had scored the music which is horrible. Usually the music will be the highlight for the movie, but in Virus case it is the reverse. The location chosen is average, but the editing part is utter waste. Nothing worked for the movie literally.


This type of movie is a total waste of time, money for both the producer and audiences. It is an usual movie with no message to the mass of people. The movie has fun, romance and action scenes and nothing different other than that.


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