Sivalinga Movie Review, Rating - 2.25/5

Sivalinga Movie Review, Rating - 2.25/5

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Bottom Line: Yet another 'Horrifying' success for Raghava Lawrence!
Shivalinga movie is about ghost of a murdered man who investigates his own death with the help of a pigeon. It is a crime thriller, but here the cop only aides the ghost. Shivalinga's wife gets possessed by the ghost of the murdered man and the suspense is built on her involvement in the murder probe. Raghava Lawrence had played as Shivalingeshwaran as a CID cop. Another aspect of the film that appears ludicrous is the pigeon being witness to the murder and later. Clear all the confusions by watching the movie in the theater.
Raghava Lawrence plays as the CID Officer in Shivalinga and Rithika Singh as his bold and beautiful wife. P. Vasu had made the direction for this murder mystery movie. There are many characters in the movie and each character's role is vital in the movie. Raghava Lawrence and Rithika Singh have paired for the very first time and they look promising in their roles.
The cinematography, with the jarring Dutch angles, the rather unpleasant background score, and even the comedy track follow all the stereotypes of the horror genre. For a horror movie the main highlight is the background scoring which is perfectly made in the movie. The movie has eye-catching locations which is superb. The songs are also good, was released earlier and had touched hearts of music lovers.


P. Vasu's Shivalinga movie's story is weaved around a murder mystery. The story opens up to excitement & anticipation in each and every frame.  It is a horror-thriller, that has something for everyone. It is a complete family entertainer and especially not to be missed by the fans of Raghava Lawrence. The actor had acted neatly which is far better than his previous movie Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva. 


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