Power Paandi Tamil Movie Review, Rating - 2.5/5

Power Paandi Tamil Movie Review, Rating - 2.5/5

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Bottom Line: Dhanush's debut as a director is a HUGE SUCCESS !
Power Pandi movie story is about stunt artists in the film industry. This old man (Rajkiran) moves out on a journey in search of his first love. Usually there will be very few movies which say about the life story of old guys. But Power Pandi’s story is about an intense topic of an old man in the society. This family drama comes with many emotional sentiments, which would make everyone wear smile on their face. The hero looks fit and energetic even in his mid sixties. He lives every moment of his life for himself, and not for the sake of the society.
Rajkiran had acted simply superbly in speaking English which we would have never seen before. Revathy had acted in romantic ages after many years with matured and outstanding performances. Dhanush had acted in a meaty role in the movie. Prasanna has acted as Rajkiran’s son in the movie. The stunt scenes which were performed by Rajkiran could have little more realistically made.
The story, screenplay and direction were made by Dhanush and he has played a role which comes for around 30 minutes. Sean Roldan’s music was a delight and it complemented the script so well. Dhanush’s debut directorial is different in the movie. The background scoring is good. Dhanush had made the production on behalf of Wonder Bar Films Company. The editing in second half is not so perfectly made as few scenes are bit lengthy and the dialogues are not so good.


The movie’s first half largely is about establishment of Rajkiran’s character, while the second half talks about his past and also soul searching experience. With Pa Paandi, Dhanush tries to put a firm foot into direction for the very first time. How children who once look upon their elders as heroes, later at certain stage think of them as burden after they age. Our hero Pa Pandi is different, even at his mid-sixties, and he is physically and mentally strong. The movie carries a message to all the audience as a whole.


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