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Bottom Line: A Not-so-new revenge drama where logic also goes for a toss!
Sree Vishu is a happy going guy who leads a happy life with his family. And as usual, he falls for a girl at first sight (Chitra Shukla) who lives in his colony. Things went fine for Sree Vishu until a terrorist attack changes everything around. He faces new problems during this and he gets revenge on those who played tantrums on his life. The revenge drama forms the rest of the story.
Sree Vishu is doing a great job as lead actor and he carries the whole movie on his shoulders. He scores especially in emotional scenes. The way he utters dialogue conveys the energy adn the emotions. Chitra Shukla is jsut used for glamour purpose. The sister character girl has done a better job than the heroine. Rest of the cast are just fillers and they have did what they are expected to do.
Director Vatti Kumar has crafted a normal story with right ingredients of emotions and commercial stuff. But he fails to capitalize the momentum in the second half. The first half has light moments and good action. But the second half is totally insane where logic goes for a toss. The way the male lead finds the villains and the way he does it are completely illogical and silly. The screenplay was done as per hero's wish. Music is just okayish. Editing could have been better. Thama Shyam's cinematography is exceptional and the movie seems so colorful and rich. 

A Typical revenge drama which has a good first half and an avoidable second half. Lead actor tries badly to be a mass hero and he forgots the basic logic. The family emotions is what helps the movie. Heroine is just used for glamour and skin show. Nothing worthwhile. In technical terms, Cinematography alone stands apart and rest of them are very average. Music could have been a lot better. Director never focused on the second half and that's where the movie fails.


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