Trump's administration follows two rules ' Buy American Hire Americans

Trump's administration follows two rules ' Buy American Hire Americans

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New York sources have stated that US President elect Donald Trump has vowed to end the practice of laid-off American workers being made to train foreigners brought over to replace them, a move which could impact Indian technology workers and outsourcing companies. Trump has called these incidents “demeaning” and has said that “We are not going to let it happen to our people anymore.”

It was stated that Trump has made the pledge on Friday during rallies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he has returned to his campaign themes on immigration in rousing speeches. He has also said that during his campaign he met workers who had been told that they had to train their replacements or they would not get the severance benefits that are given after layoffs.

He has asserted that will not let it be repeated, but he did not say how he would do that. Meanwhile several companies have been accused of lying off their employees and making them train workers from India brought in on H-1B visas by the staffing companies that got the outsourcing contracts.

Trump has outlined his “America First” agenda that could affect India in two ways: Reducing the employment prospects of skilled Indians in the US and undercutting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious programme of “Make in India” for exporting. "We are building our country with American hands, and American workers,” he has said. “My administration will follow two rules, buy American and hire Americans.” While speaking of tightening enforcement of immigration laws, Trump has also opened his arms to legal immigrants.


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