Flashback 2016: Best Countries for Education in 2016

Flashback 2016: Best Countries for Education in 2016

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The United Nations Human Development has reported that 100% of preschool, primary and secondary school age kids are enrolled and 94% of citizens over 25 have at least some secondary education. Hand-in-hand with full classroom, Australia admirably supports its educators. The nation gives incentives to teachers taking rural hardship postings and, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

Japan’s students have scoring well down to a science. Japan ranks No. 2 in Pearson Education'sannual global educational performance report and placing fourth in reading and seventh in math in the influential Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) survey which tests 15 year old students worldwide in order to compare countries’ education systems the Pacific Ocean island nation is serious about learning. 

Singapore is described as an “exam-oriented” system, education in this island city state of nearly 5.7 million in Southeast Asia strives to teach children problem solving. They have certainly figured out how to conquer tests. It ranks No. 1 in Pearson Education's global educational report for “Cognitive Skills” and No. 3 overall, Singapore placed high on the PISA test too No. 3 in reading and No. 2 in math. 

South Korea
Sources have reported that standardized tests have met their match in South Korea. Students in the 49 million person republic who are randomly assigned to private and public high schools routinely score at the top of academic assessments: Most recently No. 1 overall, and in “Educational Attainment,” in Pearson Education' annual global educational performance report as well as fifth in both reading and math on the PISA survey.


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