Flashback 2016: Fairs and Festivals of India

Flashback 2016: Fairs and Festivals of India

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International Mango Festival at Delhi
Indian summers are incomplete without mangoes and this
festival is an opportunity to relish them to the fullest. Head to the Mango
Festival, which celebrates everything about the ‘King of all tropical fruits’,
for some juicy mango tasting.
Organized by the Delhi Tourism, the Mango Festival exhibits hundreds of mouthwatering varieties of
mangoes like Dussehri, Langra, Chausa, Fazli, Neelam, Banganpalli,
Alphonso etc., along with new hybrids from different Indian states.

Dree Festival at Arunachal Pradesh

Dree is a one of a kind agriculture related
festival of the Apatani Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. This
annual festival is celebrated to seek the blessings of the Gods and
Goddesses of crops for harvest and protection of their crops, mainly rice.
There is singing, dancing, sacrificial offerings, prayers and other cultural
performances. Dree Festival of Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most famous events of the state.

Puri Ratha Yatra at Puri, Orissa
The festival at Puri’s Jagannath Temple marks the
annual journey of the deities Lord
Jagannath (a reincarnation of Lords Vishnu and Krishna), along with and his
elder brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra on a chariot which are replaced by new idols symbolizing

Karsha Gustor Festival at Ladakh
Karsha Monastery, the largest and most important monastery in
Zanskar, celebrates the Karsha Gustor a festival that marks the victory of good over the evil.
During the festival, a Black Hat
Dance performance is followed by a Masked Dance performance by the
monks. The masked Hat Dancers symbolizes
the guardian divinities. Apart from music and dance. 


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