Heartless people loot accident victims?

Heartless people loot accident victims?

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Finally when he was rushed to hospital by a good Samaritan, he was declared 'brought dead'. What shocked all is no one came for his help though many people walked past him. Even though he was crying for help writhing in pain, no one even came forward to help. 
What is more shocking was a person came towards him, bent down not to help him but to steal his mobile phone. A government hospital was just 500 metres away from the accident spot. A CCTV camera near Meraj cinema in Subhash Nagar, recorded the whole incident. 
Police too came two hours late and say 35 year old Matibul was hit by a delivery van in the wee hours. Police Officer said many people passed by him without showing any reaction. The CCTV footage shwed how a rackshaw puller came near him and took away his mobile phone. 

Matibul was a native of West Bengal and lived in a rented house near Tihar village. Police revealed that they got information about a body lying on road in Subash Nagar at 7 AM following which they have taken it for autopsy. 
Police are now investigating to identify the van driver who was responsible for the accident. Many psychologists say this shows the changing psyche in the thinking pattern of the Indians who are becoming more selfish and unhelping towards others. 


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