Smart Pulse Survey to gather information of all people

Smart Pulse Survey to gather information of all people

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Meanwhile the AP government has taken up an ambitious programme, smart pulse survey, to gather comprehensive information of all the people in the state and the government plans to devise socio-economic programs based on the data it generates from the survey.
It is stated that the survey has a number of questions, where one of them deals with the data related to domestic and milch animals and the questionnaire seeks information on the number of cattle, sheep, poultry birds or pigs a family owns.

The trouble has begun when he came to the sub-question 3-B, which seeks info on whether or not a family owns pigs. When he posed the question to Haseena a homemaker, she objected to it. Soon women in the neighborhood have gathered at Haseena's house protesting against Mallikarjuna seeking irrational data. 


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