Simple Ways to Minimize Acid Indigestion and Heart burn

Simple Ways to Minimize Acid Indigestion and Heart burn

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Pitta is the heat energy within every cell but it is mainly located in the stomach area. Excess intake of heat producing foods can mean that the digestive tract over reacts with an increase in acid production. Pitta aggravating foods such as Vinegar, tomatoes, orange juice, onions, garlic, chili peppers, and salty fried foods can help in digestion to remove too much acid content.

Do not skip meals if you suffer from acid Indigestion. Eating breakfast is more important. When you are not hungry in the morning, try to consume something light like warm milk, steamed fruits or a date milk shake. In the afternoon, do not leave your stomach empty as it may lead to higher irritability, impatience and anger.


Practice stress management techniques such as yoga and meditation. Drink coconut juice as it is a great cooling agent. Mint lassie has great cooling qualities to relieve you from acidity. Fresh Aloe vera gel straight from the leaf is balancing. Avoid store bought aloe Vera as it contains more citric acid and has chances of increasing your Acid Indigestion.


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