Iron and Iron Deficiency Facts

Iron and Iron Deficiency Facts

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  1. Iron is a part of many enzymes and is used in many cell functions. Enzymes help our bodies digest foods and also help with many other important reactions that occur within our bodies. When our bodies don't have enough Iron and many parts of our bodies are affected.

2.  Iron deficiency is either due to increased need for Iron by the body or a decreased absorption or amount of iron taken in. Signs of Iron deficiency include fatigue, decreased work and school performance, difficulty in maintaining body temperature and decreased Immune function.

3.  Iron deficiency affects the memory power and mental functions of teens. Studies show that Iron deficiency rate is higher in male and female adolescents. It's the time of increased Iron needs because of the expansion of blood volume and increased muscle mass.

4.  Overweight and obese children also appear to be at increased risk of Iron deficiency. In today's busy and fast paced life no one has time to eat Iron rich foods. Iron is more in goat's liver, spinach, poultry, fish and Vitamin C rich foods. Avoid fast foods, pizzas, burgers, fried foods etc as they don't have Iron needed for our body.


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