Pillars for Good Health

Pillars for Good Health

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 Make sure you are constantly drinking water. We live in a country that has clean water readily available. Don't put in flavourings with chemicals. You want pure things in your body so your body can function at it's absolute best. 

Our body is made up of protein and so have more protein rich foods and vitamins and minerals should be taken in the form of fruits and vegetables. Have balanced diet daily to stay healthy always.

This is a key to your well being that so many forget. It's your time to recharge. Your sleep time needs to be cherished and prepared for. Finding time to wind down, relax and think before going to the bed room is critical. Have six to eight hours of sleep daily

 Walking for an hour will burn 200-300 calories depending on speed, hills etc. It will get the blood flowing, stress reducing, and the joints moving. Yoga, swimming, circuit training, you name it, you can try it and mix it in.


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