Iconic dishes of Thrissur

Iconic dishes of Thrissur

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1.      Puttu
Puttu is a unique delicacy that is chiefly eaten in Kerala. Rice is ground and filled into metal or bamboo holders in cylindrical form, along with coconut powder. These holders are then steamed. It is a breakfast dish and is paired with numerous side dishes.

2.      Vellayappam
The Vellayappam of Thrissur is particularly famous and well adored, especially in the area of the Basilica of Our Lady of colors. It looks and tastes similar to pancakes and is prepared out of a batter made from roast rice flour and grated coconuts. 

3.      Meen Porichathu
Meen Porichathu has a strong taste and aroma to it. The dish is cooked with a variety of spices like ginger, garlic, red chilies, green chilies, black pepper, fennel and curry leaves.

4.      Achappam
Achappam is a biscuit/cookie like sweet dish from the Thrissur region. It has a delicate sweet taste and a light texture. A batter made from rice flour and coconut is pressed into a mould, which gives it a beautiful design.

5.      Malabar Mutton briyani
The briyani is prepared with a painfully long process and that can be experienced while tasting it. It contains loads of spices and extracts, which make their presence felt in the mouth.


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