Factors affecting chances of getting pregnant in Women

Factors affecting chances of getting pregnant in Women

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Junk Foods

Pizzas, cheeseburgers, and fries are not only adding unwanted inches to your waistline but also doing something much more insidious. Junk food is notorious for its high levels of cholesterol that research indicates other than clogging your arteries, also interferes with your body’s synthesis of the sex hormones: testosterone and progesterone, which are vital in regards to pregnancy.


If you’re a coffee fanatic who is actively trying to conceive, you may want to sit down for this. According to some studies, caffeine can interfere with the conception process. Apparently, it disrupts the muscle contractions that help your egg reach your fallopian tubes where they can be potentially fertilized.


Checking one's phone before falling asleep

Not only does this decrease your overall chances of conceiving, but the subsequent decreased production of your sleep hormone can also negatively impact the development of a fetus. If you have been struggling as you actively try to conceive, then review your lifestyle and scrutinize what potential habits need review.


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