HP QTP Real Time Live Project Online Training

HP QTP Real Time Live Project Online Training

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Automation is as much an art as it is a science. With every art there is a certain innate talent and the learned skill. QTP is an excellent medium to explore automation and acquire the expertise. QTP uses VBScript as a programming language and is conducive to keyword, data-driven and many other custom frameworks.

A working experience in QTP not only helps set off your career into the QTP world but you can be sure of a place within the hard-core automation testing arena.

iiT Work Force QTP internship program:

We offer QTP based projects in various domains and employ Agile SCRUM methodology and other traditional software life cycle methods to boost our trainees work experience.  UFT is an all in one package that tests mobile Apps, WebServices and lends itself better to Agile and other rapid models of software development.  Our hands-on program will help establish our enrollees as QTP professionals with incredible advantage in the job market.

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