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Dakshinamurti literally means 'one who is facing south (dakṣiṇa)' in Sanskrit. South is the direction of Death, hence change. In every Siva temple the stone image of Dakshinamurthy is...
What is special about EASTER???
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Easter is a festival that is celebrated by Christians all over the world.It marks the Rising of Jesus from death.Jesus underwent a horrendous journey on the cross.He was hung...
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Good Friday is not a day of celebration for Christians .Its is on that day our Lord Jesus Christ had a horrendous journey to be hung on cross for...
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The Tamil New Year which usually falls on April 14th is an occasion that calls for celebration for Tamilians all over the world. Tamilaians from different sphere of the...
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The Lord we serve and praise is the Almightiest.To clearly understand this word, you are you are the son of Bill Gates, the richest man and you have...
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What do you think God expect in you?? Your money ,riches, ..precious gifts to the Lord...NOT AT ALL.He expects just your humble loving heart.The Almighty who created the whole...
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Ugadi, a New Year celebration in states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka, falls on March 28 this year. As India is known for its versatile culture and the...
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The tomb where Jesus is believed to have been buried in Jerusalem's Old City has been unveiled again after months of delicate restoration work. The monument, which includes a...
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The Tirumala Tirupathi Devastham of Andhra Pradesh is the most popular pilgrimages for the Hindus all over the globe.They consider it as the essential rite of passage.This divine lord's...
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Hindus celebrate Janmashtami by fasting, worshipping Krishna and staying up until midnight, and offer prayers at special time, when Krishna is believed to have been born. Images of Krishna's...
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Krishna is, like in any religion, a character or a symbol that has many different aspects, different meanings, different levels of importance and different interpretations. Of course, over the...
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Many people sing romantic songs. How does one respond to people who ask, “What’s the use of doing that? Can’t that time be spent doing something useful instead?” Only...
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Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Trichy: Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is dedicated to Ranganatha and one of the masterpieces of the Dravidian style of architecture in south India. It is one of...
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Thanjavur Brihadeeswara temple is one of the most ancient temples, situated in the city of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, India. Thanjavur named after the legendary asura "Tanjan", is one...
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Holika Dahan, March 12 and March 13 is an auspicious Rngwali Holly. According to astrologer Binod Mishra evening 6 pm to 8 pm the night of 23 minutes up...
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The moon is growing after the new moon day. One is not able to see the 2nd kalai of the moon as it is so thin, but can view...
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Ganesha was very happy. His devotees had given him plenty of sweets and he had taken as many as he could and stuffed himself with quiet a lot sweets...
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Sri Durgaya Namah” This mantra is of Goddess Durga the combined form of the powers of Lakshmi, Saraswati and kali. By enchanting this mantra all the physical, mental, economic...
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Masi Magam comes in the Tamil month of Masi (February - March), which is a very auspicious day. It is a very important day and Tamilians around the world...
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You all must have heard about the Holy Trinity of Hinduism. The Trinity consists of the three most powerful Gods- Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Of these three, Lord Vishnu...
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God's plan in your life is unique and extraordinarily planned.He is your creator so he plans your life even before you were born.But God plans can be executed...
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Home without Tulsi plant is incomplete (Spiritual)
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Goddess Durga is the mother of the universe and believed to be the power behind the work of creation, preservation, and destruction of the world. Since time immemorial she...
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India is one place where they went into elaborate systems of idol-making. This has been misunderstood by other cultures as worshiping some doll as a god. No. Here, people...
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A temple is a miniature cosmos comprised of the five elements and a presiding deity. A temple is an outgrowth of the deity which has its own independent intelligence...
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Dattatreya or Datta is considered by Hindus to be god who is an incarnation of the Divine Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The word Datta means "Given", Datta is...
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Sindooor or vermilion holds lot of importance in Indian society. The tradition of application of Sindoor in the parting of hair by married Hindu women is considered extremely auspicious...
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Lord Murugan is often referred to as Tamiḻ kadavuḷ the "God of the Tamils” and is worshiped primarily in areas with Tamil influences, especially in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry, Srilanka,...
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Lord Ganesha is always depicted in a state of peace and harmony. But did you know, Ganesha is also a source of learning? Yes, every body part of Ganesha’s...
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Traditionally, vibhuti is taken between your thumb and your ring finger you don’t have to pick up a lot of it, just a little bit and applied between the...
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